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Nathalie Vollenweider


This partner film project with Anahit Pourreza (a Zurich based filmmaker and photographervisualizes our daily struggle between emotional interior and external expressions.

We live in a world where we are confronted daily with global cruelties such as war, pandemics, hunger, abuse, and many more, while society expects us to save our face.

This overload of global issues makes us numb to negative news and generates a feeling of helplessness: "Those problems are so big, what can I as an individual do to make a difference? – nothing!" This mindset is probably the most dangerous enemy to change. One drop of water does not lead to fire extinction – but many drops united over a period of time.

Using Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
& Canon EOS 6D

Polarity – fast / slow

In this film project, I was playing around with super slow motion and time-lapse to make things of daily life visible, which we cannot capture with our bare eyes.   

Using RED Epic and the Premiere Pro plugin "Twixtor"